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The new, fun and effective way to get fit and look great!

Welcome to Boot Camp training. This is a website dedicated to giving Australians everything they need to know about joining a boot camp training class.

A boot camp training is fun and effective in helping people of all ages get fit and look great. We have joined up with the leading boot camp training company in Australia, Urban Boot camp, to provide you with a 6 week training course, at an affordable price.

What is Boot Camp Training

A little breakdown about what is really involved!

Boot camp is a new and exciting way to workout and get fit.

Boot Camp is an intensive program for you to achieve your personal weight loss and fitness goals. A boot camp training course is usually conducted within 6 weeks. Within each week there is usually 3 Boot camp training classes held, each having a particular fitness goal. When signing up to Boot camp training, this should normally be coupled with a comprehensive eating plan and a personalised workout program.

Boot Camp Training involves...

What makes a good session?

Its all in the trainers!

In order to reach its maximum effectiveness, a boot camp training session should be held by experienced fitness trainers who possess the necessary skills to conduct outdoor group-orientated classes. A suitable boot camp trainer should be qualified, licensed, insured, motivated, helpful and experienced.

A good boot camp training instructor pushes you beyond your limits, allows you take your body places it has never been, and keeps you coming back for more and more boot camp training sessions...After all, 'Motivation Gets you there...habit keeps you going!