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Ever since I started Boot Camp training i'm a whole new person! When I was physically unfit and unhealthy, my mental health was not much better. I used to hate the way I looked and the way I felt, and found myself staying home more on weekends. When I got told about Boot Camp training sessions with Urban Bootcamp by a friend, I thought I would give it a shot. It totally changed me! I now get up in the mornings, clap my hands and go straight to my Boot Camp training session with a huge smile on my face. The energy lasts the whole day, and I feel great and love life!
- Carol A

Ive been doing boot camp for like 2 months, and my body feels and looks so much better. Nothing can compare to the feeling I get when my friends come up to me and say, "Joey, you look great, whats your secret", my concentration has improved and my social life is at the best its been in years!..thanks guys I owe you alot
- Joseph B